There is no right or wrong way of starting your academic paper or any other piece of literary work. Simple starting strategies are designed by individual writers. Each writer has a strategy that works for them that will not necessarily work for someone else. Following other people’s writing tips does not always make the writing process easier. Writing tips become useful to writers when they provide effective and simple starting strategies. These are the strategies that make your writing process worthwhile and enjoyable. We are a custom online writing company that provides students with professional writing services and writing tips.

Having been in writing business for many years, our writers have been able to learn the art of writing. The professional writers know what works and what does not work. As part of our commitment to improve the quality of writing, we provide writing tips that can help shape amateur writers to great professional writers. Our writers have put together a list of simple starting strategies that can help writers to end their long hours of agony when trying to write on whatever topic. These simple starting strategies can be easily learned and adopted by writers who wish to learn the art of writing. These strategies include:

  • Know your purpose.
  • Think about your readers.
  • Start by hooking your readers.

Know your Purpose

Having a clear understanding of what you want to talk about in writing has got to be the most important thing. This is the first of the simple starting strategies that gives the writer a sense of direction. According to the rules of writing that govern writers, knowing the purpose of the literary work you want to work on plays a major role in laying a foundation for your writing process. This is also the easiest of the simple starting strategies for any writer. This strategy helps the writer to narrow down their topic to the most specific angle therefore making it easier to define the purpose to focus on when writing.

Think About Your Readers

Writers never write for themselves! When writing, one must have their reader in mind. This is because people prefer to have things done differently. When writing for an audience, first you have to understand that you cannot appeal to a large group of people. The simple starting strategies state that writing can only be appealing when it is targeted to a small group of people. When a writer targets a small group of readers with similar characteristics, it becomes easier to write for them. Having been practising the habit for years now, our writers suggest that writers do some research about their readers. Although it can be difficult to come up with a 100% accurate conclusion about your readers, this simple starting strategy helps one to write in a way that appeals to them at least in one way.

Hook Your Readers

Even when a piece of literary work has relevant information to the target readers, there is always a chance that they will not read your writing for one reason or another. As a writer, you must be able to make your readers get interested in your work. The last of our simple starting strategies has to do with grabbing the attention of your readers. You must always craft a first line that keeps your reader reading. When you know your reader, the purpose for writing and can hook your reader, you will not have any problem with starting your writing process.

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